October “What Kind of Pumpkin Are You?” Tag

First of all I want to thank Matthew who nominated me for October “What Kind of Pumpkin Are You?” Tag 🙂 He’s a great fellow blogger whom I can see as a humble and friendly person. The blog https://jesusluvsall.wordpress.com/ is about his faith in Jesus and lifestyle.

Before the mini interview, here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who tagged you and link their post to yours.
  2. Link the original post so the creators can read them 
  3. Use the original featured image and include it in your post.
  4. Copy and paste the meaning of the tag into your post.
  5. Answer the questions.
  6. Tag at least one person.
  7. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your month!  
  1. Do you celebrate Halloween? Why or why not?

Nope, speaking in general most Slovenes don’t celebrate Halloween (I’m from Slovenia btw). Halloween is not a common tradition here, however we do celebrate Remembrance Day on the 1st of November. We visit a graveyard and light up candles for our loved ones who passed away.

2. Cookie Monsters! Do you like to watch scary movies? Why or why not?

Yes I do sometimes. However I prefer psychological thriller movies like Secret Window ot The Shining for example.

3Name 3 of your greatest fears

War (maybe a bit odd but I am sometimes really concerned if war will happen considering the fact that the war is happening right now in some countries).

That something bad would happen to my loved ones

Worms (phobia)

4. When was the last time you scared someone?

Probably my boyfriend. I would hide behind the doors and try to scare him just for fun xD But I usually start to laugh and reveal my intention so I don’t succeed in scaring him lol.

5. Do you believe in ghosts, angels, and/or demons?

Tricky question but no, I don’t believe because I haven’t seen any yet.

6. Do you ever get déjà vu? What do you think it means?

Sometimes I do something and suddenly get the feeling that I did this thing already in the past. Few years ago I dreamt of a girl I haven’t seen for ages and next morning when I woke up and went to school I met her. Coincidence? Could be. Anyways I have vivid imagination so I really try to find realistic reasons and not listen to my crazy ideas.

7What are two of your favorite candies?

I love Raffaello and chocolate with mint.

If they wish to participate, I am tagging my fellow bloggers:






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